"Overall the most ringing aspect is that the way he said goodbye was something he could never change. Her brown eyes would have from that point forward remained in his mind, resonating like the last embrace she gave him before she would make her way to the airport. He laid in bed purposefully motionless as she hugged him, gave him a kiss, and whispered "I still love you.""

Then she walked away..

*Credits for music and assets where due*

WASD to move, E to open the notes to follow the narrative.

-Download version available for higher quality play. (PREFERABLY DOWNLOAD as lighting and quality lowers with web game. IT DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE)

When going on to quit game, hit ESC and from there you can move the mouse to close the window. OR, just download and choose the option "windowed" and play!


InHerEyesGame.zip 39 MB
In Her Eyes PC.zip 24 MB


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This is a nice little adventure game but with a sad kind of story. The graphics are simple, I personally can relate to the story in some ways being written to show a kind of perspective, and the music is familiar and works with the story's main point. I have to say I didn't know what I was expecting going into this game. But once I played through it I realized that its not just a simple love story with a happy ending. Quite the opposite in fact. But it gives people a glimpse at how others can sometimes "overthink" situations. I for one am guilty of doing it myself so I totally understood where the characters were coming from. I feel this game is more of a perspective adventure rather than just a love story. Whether that was its intent or not, that's what I got from it. i did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.


Hey dude, thank you so much for the input. It's greatly appreciated, I would have never expected! It's a working progress, of course, and will be further perfected in the near future, but I'm glad it was relatable and enjoyed by you! I check out your video and overall your final points really drove the story home, you caught onto what I was really going for. Also, you analyzed it to a depth that was pretty much beautiful truthfully, haha. I'm super grateful! Nice channel you got building up, will check it out more in the future. Thanks again, man!