A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"...because I know all too well that if you had told me to end the battle right then and there, I would have stopped the war."

a FPS with meaning

Fighting without a point? Emotions that attack by simply lingering?

This is an explorative piece of the hardship of being in any relationship. This is an expressive personal piece, I do not consider it a game, but rather an interactive narrative that clears out meaning as it continues, and was the only way I was able to come up with something, thus, focusing your emotions into your work to create something else out of it by channeling them.

Full play through about 7 minutes MAX.

Download available only.

Comments always appreciated.


IfYouToldMeToMAC.app.zip 24 MB
IfYouToldMeToPC.zip 19 MB

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