A downloadable game

*Can use GamePad to play! (PS4 Controller) aside from Keyboard*

A game in the making where you will use your gym supplements to get more gains!

This is the 3D version!

*coming in time*

This is a game that developed from a class idea of incorporating a Meme into a 2D progressively generative game. This is how I've developed my idea, but it is in a beta phase and down to the core basics, a bunch more needed to be included. This game currently is following the strict infinite runner format, in future developments there will be new platform struggles, enemies, collectible dependencies, power-ups, strength testers, etc.

Hope you enjoy!

Can you beat your highscore?


Swole_Runner_PC.zip 60 MB
Swole_Runner_Mac.app.zip 64 MB

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